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Manufacturing Process

The Process of Manufacturing a Cosmetic

Best Cosmetic Scientist

Are you looking to launch a sensational product to tap into new markets? Do you want to partner with reputed cosmetic manufacturers to handle the production work? If yes, then bring your idea to Cosmetic Formulators to make it a reality.

At cosmetic formulators, we are a team of adept cosmetic scientist that can develop pretty much anything related to skincare and hair care. That too, with uncompromised quality!

When a client brings their idea to us, we check its viability by analyzing competing products and the market scope. This enables us to fix the issues present in the existing products and deliver an item that will absolutely slay your rivals.


Perform Deep Research before Manufacturing a Product

The secret to success is what you do before you start your new product line. Research, research research all aspects of the business. First you must establish your goalsto know whether they are realistic or not. After that, study competing products online reviews to find the issues their users face.

You must have a clear idea for your product benefits for us to formulate a product to your satisfaction.

Establish a Unique Brand Name


Are you going to trademark the name?

Is a website name available?

Is the name taken on Amazon if that is going to be your outlet?

Do you have a logo?

Packaging is a critical and time consuming at Plastic or glass

Size and shape of container

Are they readily available?


Label design

Label material

How will the label be applied?


Remember that this whole process can be tedious, so make sure you give us a long enough timeslot to do the job aptly.

We’d Love to Become Your Cosmetic Manufacturer

Are you ready to acquire our services? Awesome! We’d also love to be your low MOQ cosmetic manufacturer.

However, you must have a clear idea of what you want us to do as your cosmetic and hair product contract manufacturer. This will help both sides to form a seamless partnership.

Otherwise, a lack of understanding from your side may lead us to develop a subpar product, leaving a negative impact on your entire brand.

We Only Take A Few Weeks to Complete a Formulation

Typically, we take about 2-3 weeks to complete a custom formulation.

Test Batch

Then the next step is conducting a test batch. This may take a while since we likely need to bring in ingredients, run the test batch, and then ship you the sample.

a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine
a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine
white and black tube bottle on white round plate
white and black tube bottle on white round plate


Cosmetic Chemist are an amazing group of scientists and they can help you achieve your companies success. Contact us so we can help you organise a meeting and discuss your cosmetic formulation project.