Cosmetic Chemist


Cosmetic Chemist Lab offers Advice and product development services. A family and friendly small company with dedictaed team who can help with the design, and branding of the your Company. They can also help with Testing and Cosmetic Regulation and Registraton. Cosmetic Chemist can also manufcaturing small scale Cosmetics. Contact us to discuss your formulation ideas and manufacturing needs. We can also help as a Cosmetic Consulting with Labeling and Regulation needs.

Cosmetic Formulation

Cosmetic formulation is the science and art of combining various ingredients to create beauty products. It involves selecting new raw materials to get the desired effects, ensuring they work well together, and achieving a final product with the right consistency, texture, and shelf life. Formulators at Cosmetic Chemists consider factors like skin type, desired benefits, and aesthetics to create everything from lotions and shampoos to lipstick and mascara. It's a fascinating blend of chemistry, creativity, regulation and consumer understanding.



Cosmetic Regulation

Cosmetic regulations exist to safeguard consumers by ensuring the safety and quality of the products they use. These regulations typically involve a central authority, like the European Union's Cosmetic Products Regulation, which dictates what ingredients are allowed and banned, requires safety assessments, and mandates clear labelling. This ensures consumers are informed about what's in their cosmetics and protected from harmful substances. Responsible parties within the cosmetic industry, often manufacturers or importers, must comply with these regulations to bring their products to market.



Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetics placed on the UK market must undergo safety assessments before reaching consumers. These assessments, not involving animal testing, look at the product's ingredients, formulation, and intended use. Qualified safety assessors analyze the product's potential risks and ensure it complies with regulations. While animal testing for cosmetics is banned in the UK, existing safety data from pre-ban testing may be used. The focus lies on alternative methods like utilizing existing human data and in-vitro tests to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products for consumers.



Cosmetic Manufacturing

Cosmetic manufacturing is a multi-step process focused on creating safe, consistent, and high-quality beauty products. It starts with meticulous sourcing of raw ingredients, followed by rigorous quality checks. Then, skilled technicians precisely weigh and mix ingredients according to developed formulas. The process continues with procedures like heating, cooling, and filtering to achieve the desired consistency. Finally, the product is filled into sanitized containers and packaged for distribution. Throughout every stage, strict quality control measures ensure safety and consistency, guaranteeing that every batch meets the brand's standards.




Cosmetic Chemist is an amazing company to find exactly what you are looking for a Cosmetic Research and Development. They take much of the stress away and try and get your products to market sooner than other busier labs.


How can I begin to describe my Product Development with Cosmetic Chemist. That was 7 years ago. They receive the latest Personal Care trends and they get the latest raw materials and industry knowledge. They are able to develope the samples a few weeks and they discussed the benefits and possible changes. Three to four changes of the formulation changes we are ready to sign off and go into testing and manufacturing. Thank you Cosmetic Chemists.

- Anne Heart